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Message Board and Photos of Soldiers

The message board is provided for the sharing of information and for requesting specific information, that is additional to information provided in the H.E. Howard, Inc. regimental series. Any information is important and can range from a picture of a soldier, service record, and family anecdote to a simple citation in a book.

In Memoriam

Shelby Foote

Shelby Foote, the noted Civil War historian, died in Memphis, Tennessee, on June 28, 2005. He was 88 years old, and is best known for his three-volume, 3,000-word history of the Civil War, as well as his insightful commentary on the PBS-TV Civil War series.

John M. Ashcraft, Jr.

John M. Ashcraft, Jr., author of the 31st Virginia Infantry, died Memorial Day 2001. Victor Thacker writes that Ashcraft's research materials will eventually be donated to West Virginia University, his Alma Mater. Those of us that seek to honor those that served with the 31st are grateful that Ashcraft dedicated considerable time, long hours of research, and expense in developing the history and roster of the 31st Virginia Infantry. The 31st Virginia Infantry is published as part of the H.E. Howard Virginia Regimental History Series.


Custom Tours of West Virginia and western Virginia Civil War sites involving the 25th, 31st, and 62nd Virginia Regiments are available. Such tours could be in conjunction with fall colors, scenic and historical sites, and historical preservation. Contact "Step On Tour Guide Service" to discuss customized tour interests and opportunities: Ruth Taylor, HC 64 Box 423, Hillsboro, WV 24946, (304) 653-8563.

Diary Reference

  1. May 9, 1863: As part of the Jones-Imboden Raid, William L. Wilson reported "a good many of the 25th reg't" were on leave at Glenville, WV, many at home for their first visit of the war. A Borderland Confederate. 1962. University of Pittsburgh Press, Page C3.
  2. "Friday 13th [1864] on picket yet. Still looking for the Yankees. Relieved at one o'clock and came up on this side of New Market and heard the Yankees coming." Diary of Harvey Kiser, Co. K, 62 VA Mtd. Inf., MWIA battle of New Market (5/15/64), died 5/18/64.
  3. 31st Virginia: Walbrook D. Swank's compilation and editing of George Quintus Peyton's diary is a commendable volume and provides valuable information regarding the 13th Virginia and other regiments of Pegram's Brigade. The volume was published in 2001 by Burd Street Press as Stonewall Jackson's Foot Cavalry, Company A, 13th Virginia Infantry. An example of the diary's value lies in an enlistment entry for Thursday, February 18, 1864, Pegram's Brigade composed of the 13th, 31st, 49th, 52nd, and 58th Virginia Infantry Regiments, south of Culpeper: Cold southwest wind blew all day. About 9 a.m. the regiment fell in and marched to the house of Mr. William Walker for the purpose of trying to get the men to enlist for the balance of the war. All of the 49th and all except 29 of the 13th went over. None of the 31st, half of the 52nd and 58th, and all of the 31st were willing to enlist, but they wanted to be transferred to the Northwest where they lived. The portion of the quotation dealing with the 31st appears contradictory but possibly it indicated an initial reluctance, wanting to make the point that they wanted the transfer with re-enlistment.

Requests for Information

  1. Richard L. Armstrong is searching for information (letters, diaries, accounts) of the Battle of McDowell, Highland County, VA, May 8, 1862, regarding the 25th VA, 31st VA, and other regiments. Also see and the Summer 2003 issue of Blue and Gray containing his "The Battle of McDowell, May 1862."
  2. Bob Allison is seeking information, letters, and pictures about Samuel Fontaine Ginger of the Bath Grays.

    Samuel was in the Bath Grays, which were the 18th Virginia Cavalry, Company G. He was exchanged 8-16-62. He also served in 2nd Co. A, 62nd VA. Mtd. Inf. and 2nd Co. G, 18th VA. Cav. As far as I know, the Bath Grays surrendered all of the Company after the battle of Rich Mountain in July 1861...and after their exchange, the Bath Grays were assigned to the 62nd Virginia Mounted Infantry and later to the 18th Virginia Cavalry. Any more information about any or all of these units would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Norman Collier is seeking information on Captain John A. Robison, 25th VA Inf.
  4. Bill Hendrick is seeking information on and a photo of his ggrandfather, Adam Hedrick, who served with Co. K, 62nd VA Mt. Inf.
  5. R.C. Hooker is seeking copies of records or references on his ggrandfather John Norris, 25th Virginia Infantry Regiment. Photo courtesy and reproduced with permission of R.C. Hooker.
    John Norris

    First Sgt. John Norris, 2 Co. A, 25th Virginia Infantry Regiment;
    captured North Mountain Station 9/12/62;
    exchanged Vicksburg 11/l/62;
    captured Spotsylvania Courthouse 5/12/64.

  6. L.A. Hunnewell is seeking copies of reports or references or pictures of his ggrandfather Thomas S./E. Oliver, Co. H, 25 VA Inf. and Co. F, 7 VA Inf.
  7. Keith Jones is seeking information on the following:
  8. Kristy Wilfong Kennedy is looking for any written references, letters, or photographs of Jonas Wilfong of the 31st Virginia.
  9. Stan Kennedy is seeking copies of reports, references, or photographs of his gggrandfather Josiah Wilson PVT., 25th VA, 2nd Co. F.
  10. Karl Kiser is seeking information and photographs of the members of the 2nd Co. K, 62nd VA mounted infantry, especially Harvey, Daniel, and Harrison Kiser.
  11. Larry McClemons is seeking information, references, and photos on Edgar Howard Parsons, hospital steward with 2nd Co. E, 25th VA, 1861-62.
  12. Mike Ritchie is seeking additional information on the Civil War service of his gggrandfather Ephraim Wimer.
    Ephraim Wimer  

    Ephrain Wimer, Second Lt., Co. I, 62nd VA,
    captured at Fisher's Hill (9/22/64)
    and exchanged at Dutch Gap near Richmond, March 1865.
    Prior service as 1st Sgt. being paroled at Beverly, WV, July 1861.
    Described as 5'6", light complexion, blue eyes, and auburn hair.
    Post war merchant at Blue Grass (Crabbottom), VA.
    (photo copyright © Mike Ritchie; reproduced with permission).

  13. T.H. Shrader is seeking copies of reports or references and photographs of the following ancestors:
  14. is seeking information on and a photo of James M. Steuart, Co. B, 31st VA, KIA at the battle of Port Republic, VA, June 9, 1862.
  15. Jim Williams is seeking information on his ggggrandfather Joel Regor, Co. H or K, 62nd VA Mt. Inf. Joel's brother Ezra apparently served with the unit, dying of disease in 1864.
  16. John Witelaw found this information in the History of Highland Co. (except for the info on James Crawford Wiley that was found in the family history document concerning Conrad Kramer and his descendants). He could use any information, including portraits, names referred in reports, etc. These names are all related to him.
    Name Unit/History
    Jame Crawford Wiley Jackson’s Calvary as courier.
    Adam Kramer F Company, 25TH Va Infantry. Died in prison as a POW.
    Anthony Kramer F Company, 25TH Va Infantry. Briefly held as a POW.
    Henry Kramer Jackson’s Calvary. Killed in action during the Wilderness Campaign.
    Philip Kramer F Company, 25TH Va Infantry. POW.
    Conrad Kramer Unknown
    Nicholas Whitelaw E Company 31St Va Infantry. Discharged in 1864.
    Marcellus Wiley I Company, 19TH Va Cavalry.

  17. Gabriel Rider is seeking information and pictures of Ballard and William Rucker, both of whom served in 2nd Co. A, 62nd VA Mtd Inf.
  18. Jim and Mary Hedrick are seeking information on ggrandfather Adam Hedrick, Co. K, 62 VA Mtd Inf.
  19. David Forman is seeking information on Jacob Given Ratliff of Highland County, who served in the 31st and 62nd VA infantry regiments.
  20. Les Stewart is seeking information on and pictures of his ggg-grandfather, Private Peter Harter, 2nd Company K, 25th VA Inf. He was killed on Culps Hill, July 2-3, 1863, and an after war roster listed him as a color bearer.
  21. Roy Vandevander is seeking information on his Vandevander ancestors (or variants Vandevander, Vandvanter etc.) of the 62nd VA Inf. He may be reached at the following address, which he has granted permission to publish on this site: Roy Vandevander, 1727 Brookview Road, Baltimore, MD 21222-1207.
  22. Greg Cassidy is seeking additional information on Private Elijah Leach, Second Company B, 31st Virginia Infantry Regiment. Wounded Port Republic June 9, 1862 and later brigade ambulance driver.
    Elijah Leach   Tag with photo is inscribed "Elijah Leach, McDowell, VA, Grandfather of Lillian Leach Levy. Was in the Civil War."

  23. Jim Cochran is seeking information on the Civil War service of Erazmus F. Williams of Randolph County, WV. Has photo of him in later life.
  24. George Long is seeking information on the locations and burials of CSA soldiers killed during the battle of the Wilderness.
  25. Jim Hedrick is seeking photo and information on great-grandfather Adam Hedrick who, while living in Pendleton County, Virginia, enlisted in Co. F 66th VA, later being assigned to the second Company F, 62nd VA Mounted Infantry. He was wounded and captured at Gettysburg, consequently serving out the remainder of the war in Camp Chase, Ohio.
  26. Alice Blowrs is seeking information on her great grandfather, William Calhoun Byrd, Company E, 31st Virginia. His origin was Highland County, VA, and a DAC certificate attests to his service.
  27. Tom Townsend is seeking information on his 3Ggrandfather, Isaac Gregory of Webster County, who served in Company G, 62nd Virginia Mounted Infantry. Family records indicate he enlisted August 1862, captured that year and served as a POW until April 1864.
  28. is seeking information on his ggrandfather John Henry Cammack who served as a corporal, Company C, 31st Virginia. He was also author of Personal Recollections of John Henry Cammack, published by Marshall University Press. Also looking for records of Camp Garnett, CSA Veterans of West Virginia.
  29. Scott Patchan is writing about Jubal Early's 1864 Valley Campaign and is seeking information about the 62nd Virginia's role, especially its splendid work at Ashby's Gap.
  30. Flora Maynard is seeking a photo and information about her great-grandfather, Irwin W. Bragg, who while serving with the 25th Virginia was wounded at Allegheny Mountain, December 13, 1861, loosing his left leg to amputation the same date.
  31. Terry Smith is seeking information on his great-grandfather, William Taylor Smith, 31st Virginia. He was appointed to VMI and saw action with the Corps at New Market. Seeking confirmation of his appointment as a Colonel with the 31st Virginia.
  32. Autumn Kruer is seeking information and pictures on the following soldiers of the 31st Virginia:
  33. is seeking pictures and information on the following soldiers of the 31st Virginia:
  34. Victor Thacker is seeking additional information and photographs of ggreat uncle Captain Joseph French Harding, Co. C, 31st Virginia Infantry and 20th Virginia Calvary. Dr. Thacker published the Civil War memoirs of French Harding. The cover of the memoirs is provided below (with permission) and ordering information is available through Other Civil War Links. /tr>
    French Harding   Captain French Harding was elected commander of Company F (Randolph County), 31st Virginia Infantry, and served until Colonel Hoffman arrested him. In February 1864, he resigned and joined Company C (also of Randolph County) of the 20th Virginia Cavalry. He later served in the 1872 Constitutional Convention of West Virginia, as Sheriff of Randolph County, and twice in the State Legislature. The cover collage depicts Captain Harding circa 1862 and circa 1900.
    (Dr. Thacker's sharing of this information on Captain Harding and permission to reproduce the cover of the published memoir (in the third printing) are much appreciated.) Copies of the book can be obtained at $15.95 (plus $6.00 shipping and handling) from: McClain Printing Company; P.O. Box 403; Parsons, WV 26287; 800-654-7179.
  35. Dennis Miller is seeking information on his second great grandfather, Private Isaac T. Miller of Co. A, 18th Virginia Calvary.
  36. Brittany Erskine is seeking information on her ggggrandfather, Captain James M. Berry, Company G, 25th Virginia Regiment.
  37. Tony B is seeking information on great grandfather, Daniel Hamilton who possibly served in the 25th Virginia. He was wounded and lost an arm near Cumberland Gap, indicating possible service with a different unit.
  38. is seeking documents relating to information about his great grandfather, William Jefferson Linger of Randolph County, Stone Coal Creek VA (WV). He is known to have served in the 31st Virginia.
  39. Keith Winans is seeking information about his ancestor Enis/Enoch Peck, Co. D, 62nd Virginia, known to have died at Camp Washington, January 1862. He also would like to know of the location and history of Camp Washington. This web site ( would also appreciate the same information for posting.
  40. Nancy Stampe Anwyll is seeking any documentation regarding ancestors that served in the 24th and 62nd Virginia Regiments. She is especially seeking references, diaries, and photos regarding:
  41. Mike Wennin is seeking available information on private Benjamin Franklin Suddarth, who served in Company B of the 25th VA Infantry Regiment.
  42. John Pittsenbarger is seeking references (e.g., rosters, diaries, documents) and photographs of three GGGGGrand uncles that served in Company E, "Pendleton Rifles," 25th VA Infantry. The three were sons of John Pitsenbarger, a farmer in Pendleton County, and are named Abraham, Harrison, and Benjamin. Abraham Pitsenbarger also served in the 79th Militia. [Armstrong lists Abraham as probably KIA while Benjamin and Harrison were transferred to Niter Bureau, working in Highland County niter works.]
  43. Mark Jones' would appreciate information on his gggrandfather, William Cole, who served with 2nd Co. I of the 25th VA and was wounded at Manassas No. 2. William was born in Bath County and lived in Pocahontas County from 1855 until his death in 1918. He was the grandson of Revolutionary War soldier Richard Cole of Greenbrier County. Mark would like to meet other Cole descendants of CSA soldiers from Bath, Augusta, Greenbrier and Pocahontas Counties.
    Mark is also seeking additional information and descendants of:
  44. Sue Whitman is seeking information on ggrandfather James Buchannan McLaughlin, 25 VA Infantry, serving from 1861 until capture in 1864. Seeking picture of ggrandfather and other members of the 25th VA.
  45. Larry Sullivan is trying to verify a story in Lang's Loyal West Virginia 1861--1865 concerning a CSA Captain Christian Roberts being killed May 27, 1861, on the B&O Rail Road at Glover's Grove in Marion County. He could be the first CSA casualty of the Civil War.
  46. Mike Wennin is looking for information on Private Benjamin Franklin Suddarth of 2nd Company B, 25th VA Infantry.
  47. Tom Bohon provided the following photographs of his gggrandfather Billy T. Ware.
    Billy Ware   William T. Ware of 2nd Co. I, 25 VA Infantry, enlisted Valley Head May 21, 1861, serving until captured at battle of the salient, Spotsylvania Courthouse, May 12, 1864. Took the oath, claiming to have opposed secession, May 1865 and released. Resident of Beverly, WV, and described as 6' 2.5", dark complexion, dark hair, and blue eyes. Awarded Cross of Honor and died in 1929, with burial at Marple Cemetery, Valley Head, Randolph County, WV.
  48. is seeking information on David N. Spaur and his brother Gideon Spaur. They served with the 31st Virginia Infantry. David was killed during the war.
  49. Anthony Curtis is seeking photos, letters and other information regarding his ggggrandfather Joseph Curtis and Stephen Gibson, the father of Curtis' wife. Both initiated their service as members of the Bath County Grays. Joseph Curtis was captured and paroled at Beverly, VA (now WV) and was part of Mooman's company, 25th Va, at McDowell. Later petitioned for permission to join General Imboden's command. Stephen Gibson, age 69, was also captured and paroled at Beverly as member of 25th Va. He later served in the 62nd VA and 18th VA cavalry.
  50. Tom Allers is seeking photos of and written documents dealing with:

    Mr. Allers has proposed a "reunion" (cyber or otherwise) of the descendants of soldiers that served in the 31st VA and 18th VA Cavalry. Please respond to Mr. Allers per his email link with your interest in sharing the history of your ancestors.

  51. Kerry Cutler is seeking any documentation and photos of Richard Madison Mabry (or R.M. Mabry) who served in Co. E, Pendleton Rifles, 25th VA. It is believed he served during 1863-65, later drawing a pension.
  52. Carol Jean (Hiner) Ricketts is seeking information and photographs of her gguncles who lived in Highland County, VA, and apparently served in VA units. Their last names were Hiner, Samples, or Pullins.
  53. Richard Morris is looking for pictures or other information on Absalom H. Nelson. He was Captain of Co. E and second Co. C, 62nd Virginia Infantry.
  54. Todd Day is seeking service vita, pictures, and more on his:
  55. Charles W. Reger III is seeking information or photographs of his GG Uncle Major Albert Gallatin Reger, 25th VA Regiment.
  56. J. Rexrode is seeking information on the possible Civil War service of his great grandfather Andrew Rexrode (b. 5-28-1848, d. 10-28-1912) and GG grandfather, both of Highland County.
  57. George Bagot is seeking Confederate service information and pictures of the following Gum (Gumm) ancestors:
  58. Edith Cooper Shaver is seeking information and pictures of her ancestor George W. Cooper who was reported as missing with Co. A, 31st VA Inf. during action at Bethesda Church, May 30, 1864, and GGGrandfather Daniel Cooper of the 118th Home Guard.
  59. Cheryl Couch is seeking information about the following Couch ancestors:
  60. Dale Sisson is seeking information on his GGGrandfather Captain Robert E. Miles, who is thought to have been the oldest living Confederate Virginian at the age of 102.
  61. George and Joan Beitzel are looking for information on GGGrandfather Hezekiah McClintic (b. 1/19/1831, d. 1/27/1927), a doctor in Bath County who may have served in the Civil War. His brothers Henry and George McClintic were known to have served in Confederate service, and information is sought on such service.
  62. Chris Wampler is looking for any information on his gggUncle Nimrod Dove, who served with the 62nd VA Inf. Also inquires about any 62nd reenactment groups and activities.
  63. Tom Perry is looking for photographs and service information on his gggrandfather Jefferson Polk Coffman, 2nd Co. B., 62nd VA Mounted Inf. Also inquiring about interest in a reunion of descendants of soldiers of the 62nd VA Inf.
  64. Teresa Brisbon seeking any information on her gggggrandfather John Sharp who served in the 62nd VA Inf.
  65. Fritz Jacobs is seeking information and pictures of his ggrandfather Cpt. Alpheus Haymond of Marion County and the 31st VA Inf.
  66. Bill Caracoff requests any information on probable ancestors:
  67. Dr. Susan Crites is compiling a book on Civil War soldiers from Pendleton County, WV, and would like to obtain information from descendants and historians. Any information on such soldiers would be very helpful.
  68. Ethan Beattie is seeking information pertaining to his gggrandfather Lawrence Anderson Smith, Company B, 25th Virginia Regiment, and member of the Thornton Pickett Camp No. 19 UCV.
  69. Chris Carroll is seeking information on Sgt. and Capt. Nathan Clawson, Company I, 31st Virginia Regiment.
  70. G. Jordan is seeking information and photo regarding his gggrandfather Harmon Hiner of the 31st VA.
  71. Rhonda Nipper is seeking information/photographs of John Josiah Spencer, Co. G, 31st VA Infantry Regiment. He was born 1844 and died 1913, and his wife was Elizabeth Wilfong (1857-1904).
  72. is seeking information on two ancestors: 1. Private Samuel Lynch, Co. B, 25th VA, mortally wounded at the Wilderness while saving a wounded comrade, and 2. Private John W. Cox, Co. E., Mosby's Calvary. Any records and photos would be most welcome.
  73. Luke Smith indicates that a picture and biography of his 2nd ggrandfather, Theodore E. Davis, Company A, 31st Virginia, may be found at Idaho County Biographical Index. Theodore Davis served from the spring of 1861 through the surrender of the ANV at Appomattox.
  74. is seeking information on Capt. Nathan Clawson, 31st VA.
  75. An ancestor is aware that his gggrandfather Capt. William Harrison Mollohan was killed at Camp Allegheny on December 13, 1861, but is not aware of where he may have been buried. Information as to his service and burial would be much appreciated.
  76. Julie is looking for information on her gggrandfather, Robert Godwin, who served in Co. K, 31st Virginia Infantry. He was captured and imprisoned, via Point Lookout, at Elmira.
  77. Marilyn Kuhl seeking information and photo on her ggggUncle John Kuhl who served with Co. D, 31st Virginia; being wounded at McDowell and later dying of his wounds. Also seeking information on Christian Kuhle who served in the same company and regiment. He was in 33 battles and engagements, receiving four wounds. Any information on John and Christian will be appreciated.
  78. Kenneth Simmons is seeking information on the locations of and recovery of artifacts at Camp Washington and Fort Edward Johnson. The two sites were close by or could have been the same location with different names over time. Camp Washington might have been at or near the breastworks at Ramsey’s Draft Trail east of Route 250 between West Augusta and Head Waters. Confirmation or clarification would be appreciated.
  79. N. Hess is seeking descendants and information on Samuel Carpenter who enlisted at Allegheny, Virginia, on March 17, 1862, and mustered into service with Co. G, 31st Virginia Infantry. She and her husband have preserved the Widow Pence farm at Cross Keys, VA, where Samuel Carpenter was killed. They have in their possession an apparent footstone with the initials S.C. Information as to Samuel and descendants would be appreciated.
  80. Shandy Keaton is working on the location and preservation of graves associated with the Battle of the Greenbrier River, Pocahontas County. WV. Information regarding the identification of CSA dead and possible location of graves is requested.
  81. Mary Fox is seeking information, picture, engagements, etc. on her ggggrandfather, Pvt. Leonard R. Howell, Co. D, 62nd VA Mounted Infantry. His tombstone lists Company E but he may have been in both companies.
  82. An ancestor is seeking information, picture, etc. on his ggrandfather, John Wesley Moye, who was known to have served, at one time, in the 23rd Battalion Virginia Infantry.
  83. Nancy Shrader is seeking information on her ggrandfather David Shrader who served at times with the 25th and 31st VA Infantry Regiments.
  84. Shelia Lyon is looking for information/photographs on her ggggrandfather, John Stewart Cromwell. John did not server with any Virginia regiments but his service was with the 1st and 9th Battalion Mississippi Sharp Shooters. He was killed at the Battle of Pickett's Mill near New Hope Church, Georgia, on May 27, 1864.
  85. J. Yancey is seeking information on her GGGrandfather James G. Yancey who served with the 62nd Virginia Infantry Regiment. Delauter lists James G. Yancey as being conscripted and assigned to the regiment in April 1864, but little additional information is lacking.
  86. Hickory PC is seeking information, that is additive to Ashcraft, on Jacob S. Bennett, who served in Company K, 31st VA Infantry. Information is lacking on his whereabouts following his exchange in 1862. Rumor has him dying in New York harbor. (Also see the entry below.)
  87. Ralph Bennett is also seeking information on the fate of Jacob S. Bennett, Co. K, 31st VA Infantry. Has conducted an exhaustive search of official records but has not found any reference to his final resting place. (Also see the entry above.)
  88. Tim Sullivan is looking for photos, articles etc. regarding Captain Stump's 1st Co. G, 62nd VA Inf. and Co. B, 18th VA Cavalry.
  89. Keith Eubank seeks contact with someone knowledgeable about burials at Camp Allegheny.
  90. Kevin Eaton is seeking information and confirmation on his gggrandfather Joseph Francis Eaton. Family tradition has Joseph seeing action at Second Manassas and Gettysburg and having served in the 62nd VA. Confirmation and additional information on his service is sought.
  91. Ron Curtis desires to find out more about the service of the following relatives:
  92. Clint has the uniform of his chaplain ancestor T. B. Huskey, who, it is thought, served in the 31st VA Inf. He has not been able to find T. B. Huskey on unit rolls and inquires if anyone knows about his service in the Civil War.
  93. Steven Russell informs that Champ W. Pattie, a First Lt., 2nd Co. B, 62nd VA Mt. Inf., is the only known Confederate veteran buried in northern Iowa. Russell is gathering information on Champ for an article on his life. Also, Russell states that Champ was apparently well liked in Iowa since, when Champ died in 1913, the GAR veterans attended his funeral en-masse. Champ(e) is buried at Clear Lake Cemetery, Iowa.
  94. Rick Lank is seeking information on descendents of soldiers wounded at Gettysburg and retreated with General Imboden in July 1863. An Imboden descendent is recognized at Forest Glen Commonwealth.
  95. Monica Lorenzano is seeking information/photo on her ggggrandfather, Evan Alltop, who served in the 31st VA Inf. and later in the 19th VA cavalry.
  96. Jane Greatorex is seeking information on Jacob S. Bennett, who served in Co. K, 31st VA Inf. Records indicated that he was discharged with disabilities on June 14, 1862. He was arrested later and sent to Camp Chase, Ohio; sent to Vicksburg; sent to Jackson; and then declared exchanged at Aikens Landing, November 11, 1862. No further information after that time, but rumored that he died in New York City.
  97. Dennis Miller indicates that his 2nd great grandfather, Isaac T. Miller, of Pendleton Co., West Virginia, and later Randolph Co., Indiana, served with the 18th Virginia Cavalry Co. A. He has provided two photographs. Each of which shows Isaac on the right side. The individuals on the left of each photo are unknown. He inquires if anyone can identify them.

    Dennis indicates that Isaac is listed as being 5'8", while the unknown taller individual looks to be about 6'1".
  98. Scott Rowe is trying to obtain information on and a picture of his gggrandfather, John Wesley Rowe, who was a private in Co. B 2nd, 31st Virginia Infantry. He was taken prisoner on July 13, 1861, on retreat from Laurel Hill at the Rich Mountain battle.
  99. Mike Sanderson is looking for information on his ggrandfather, Allen C. Weese. He indicated that in French Hardings Memoirs book there is a picture of a group of men that served the Confederacy in the 31st Virginia Infantry and 20th Cavalry. The picture has no particular notation of who is who, but A.C. Weese is listed in the index as being on that page the picture is on. He wonders if this is his ggrandfather. Allen was born in February 1852 and passed away in August 1926. He was born in Randolph Co., VA/WVA.

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